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Fall 2013 Finals
December 14, 2013

Finals week is over!!!! But the semester isn’t over yet.. I have one more class to go through on Monday; which is a presentation about our research topics. My research topic happened to be about epigenetics. This blog post will basically cover how my final went and my experience with the class.

My first final was none other than Chemistry. I studied what I could based on the past exams and practice exams we took and it was decent. I finally figured out how to balance redox equations and solve half-life problems. I got through most of the problems without much of a problem besides calculating the molarity of the products from a solution. Aside from that, during the final, I was looking for a formula on the second page of the exam’s packet and my instructor thought the person next to me was trying to copy me and moved me to the front. It didn’t really matter since I was on the last problem; but still… So not cool.

Overall, Chemistry was a dreadful class. I usually spend most of my weekend and free days studying for this class while trying to figure out how the content works from the poorly-created lecture slides that usually doesn’t match up with the textbook. Thankfully, I was resourceful enough to create some kick-ass notes that brought me far in the class compared to the average Joe. The class usually scores between 50~65% on exams and I got 85~88% on 3 exams + 74% on the 4th exam. Usually one or two people get A’s. I really do hope this is not how college is supposed to be.

Chemistry Lab
Even though this was the lab section of Chemistry, a whole different experience came form this *course*. The experiments were fun to an extent. There was an experiment I hated where we had to use an oxygen-isolating apparatus to transfer water into a flask while leaving the oxygen behind in a glass bottle. After that, we have to light a match next to the glass bottle so that there’s a popping sound. I don’t like playing with fire that way and it was scary ;–;. Though I did like the experiments where we had to mix different chemicals together and jot down the reactions.

For finals, we had to answer/identify some questions and write an essay about the Cold War. We were given two possible essay topics a week before finals, study both, and the instructor picked one on the day of the finals. I managed to write a 5-sided study guide about the Cold War so it was a plus. I ended up writing 9 pages worth of information about the results, fears, diplomacy, domestic affairs, and president actions… And then I found out my classmates wrote 2~3 pages about it. I probably went overboard with the topic. At the most, I can hope for a good grade since it wasn’t gibberish stuff.

In general, the class was nice. I socialized to an extent and had a buddy who studied an hour before every class meeting. We usually talk about cars during spare time and I learned some more neat stuff about cars. After finals when everyone left, a group of my classmates and I went to confront our instructor about this legit heavy metal band he’s in. Our instructor repetitively said this is the best time for us (and esp. me) to have a band and go big; even if it’s a side thing. That made me miss playing the clarinet in band for a bit *o*.

I ended up rescheduling my C++ final on Thursday instead of Wednesday since I had to take care of Chemistry and History. Because of that, I had the whole day on Thursday until 7:30pm to redo one of the homework I didn’t complete. I somehow manage to find a way to make the program compile while following the instructions. I then took that knowledge and applied it to my programming final since it was the same concept. We had to create a program where I created the functions and variables in the header file, expanded them in the implementation file, and then put it to use in the *application* file. The program compiled and gave the correct output from the provided input so it was all cool. Hopefully I did well on the final. At least I’m not worried about failing the class anymore.

This class gave me a hard time at first; especially since I didn’t take the preparatory class and there were so many strict rules. I’m thankful we have a helpful SI instructor because I got a good amount of help for the first few homework we had. It got me towards the right path. During the last half of the semester, I really put an effort to understand the material and pulled through. I’m happy with the results I produced even though it’s not the most perfectest thing in the world- but it is improvement. For sure, I prefer managing applications rather than creating them *–*.

Oh! And before I took my C++ final, my boyfriend dropped by with some delicious smoked salmon bagels from Einstein Bros Bagels.. It was delicious and made my day ^_^.

I will finish this post next week with the conclusion of my English class and short recap of the semester (even though it has been raved about for the past few months on my blog posts). On a side note, I finally upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4S to iPhone 5S. Happiness! ^___^. My mom is leaving to visit her parents and family next month and I already promised to give my aunt or grandmother my old iPhone so it works out. Win-win for everyone~

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  1. Susanne ☆ December 15, 2013 at 6:43 am

    I’m so glad you studied the Cold War in your history class! What I mean is, I love history, and I often read about different parts of the history, but in all history classes I know about, they only study the ancient history, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Inka and about the Stone age here in Scandinavia, but NEVER the modern history, what actually is relevant for us today. I didn’t learn about Pol Pot and the extermination in Cambodia until I saw a film on the History Channel in the 90s. It’s possible that event was too close in time when I was in school to be considered history, but it’s just an example. I just think it’s a pity that they don’t teach about the more recent history as much as they teach the ancient history, because I actually think it’s more important.

    You’ll have to write more about your new iPhone. I’m thinking of getting a 5S next summer but I want to know if the battery time is as good as on the 4S. It seems to suck on the iPhone 5.

  2. Cat ☆ December 17, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Ah wow, Chemistry sounds like a tough class! I loved it in high school but didn’t bother taking it in college because I didn’t want to do labs. That’s great that you’ve been scoring above average, but that’s pretty bad of someone to try and cheat off of you =/

    Writing 9 pages is a lot! I think that’s a good thing though. It’s probably better to go overboard than to leave out important details, haha.

    That was nice of your boyfriend to get bagels for you before your C++ final 🙂 I hope you did well on the final too!

    Aahh, I’m jealous that you have the 5S. I’m hoping to upgrade to that very soon!

  3. Holly ☆ December 18, 2013 at 8:29 am

    You must be so relieved to have completed your finals. Congrats!

    Chemistry is a horrible subject! I hope all of the revision paid off. 🙂

  4. Kirsten ☆ December 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    History has always been one of my favorite subjects in school or topic to read about. I often find myself looking things up on google then getting side tracked by related things in history. I agree with Susanne. I am glad to hear that they are teaching about the cold war as well. I lived in Europe (Germany) in the mid/late 80’s and early 90’s and was there because of the cold war (my dad’s ex-military). I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, I remember Chernobyl (indirectly related to the Cold War), and I remember the tension that was in the air at that period of time which was just not as widely felt in North America I think, not by the general population anyways.

  5. Jessica ☆ December 18, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    It sounds like the classroom part of Chemistry was a big PITA. I hope that the professor counts the lab portion of the final more than the classroom part – I had a professor who hated the classroom part and said he only taught it because he had too. 😛

    As for history, in my experience, you can never write too much. It shows the professor that you have an understanding of the topic…the only problem would be if the professor gave a set length. I’m glad that you were able to socialize a bit as well with this class – learning is so much better if you’re enjoying yourself.

    Your boyfriend sounds like a total sweetheart. 🙂 I adore bagels, even though I’ve never had any from Einstein Bros. 🙁

  6. Agent Q ☆ December 19, 2013 at 7:39 am

    What an exciting development from the beginning of the semester to the end. Although I knew that C++ wasn’t the easiest class, I completely missed the part where you didn’t take the pre-req[?] and thus putting you off to a rough start. However, you pulled through because you utilized the resources that were available to you. That kind of work ethic will take you a long way throughout college, I promise you. 🙂 Not to mention having supportive friends – especially your boyfriend, what a sweet gesture! – gives that reassuring feeling, you just couldn’t help but feel motivated!

  7. veron ☆ December 19, 2013 at 8:30 am

    C++ gave me a hard time too! Good thing you have a thoughtful boyfriend.

  8. Veronica ☆ December 20, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Ahh I know how you feel about projects in programming, I take AP Computer Science in school right now and we’re learning Java, and it’s quite an interesting experience.

    I mean, it’s very fun and I love it to death but sometimes getting it to work properly or knowing how to fix it when it doesn’t can frustrate me immensely lol.

  9. Stephanie ☆ January 24, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Yeah, those sound like typical college averages. After this year, you just get used to lower numbers. A 65% average in a class I took last year got you a B, but would get you a D in high school. But the important thing is that you learned a lot of stuff.

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