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Fall 2014 Finale
December 13, 2014

As of a couple of days ago, I’m finally done with the quarter!


All of my classes this quarter was during the evening since those were the only classes available- which has its up’s and down’s. On the bright side, I could wake up anytime I want, have time to study/do homework, and I could park in the faculty lot after 5:30PM. On the down side, I’m forced to sleep later, miss TV shows, and I care more about leaving early than anything else. Either way, my scheduling worked out and I managed to enjoy all of my classes to an extent. The most interesting class I took this quarter was Operations Management because of the math behind solving business problems (how to crash projects, six sigma, and being haunted by the topic of inventory again). All of my classes this quarter have some correlation with the work experience I got over the Summer/Fall with me being like, “Oh yeah! I totally know what project management and ERP means ☺!”


At the beginning, I was considering to rush for a sorority but then decided it’s not really my thing. Aside from being lazy, I couldn’t justify the expenses for being in a society to meet people. It’s not my thing but if it’s yours, power to you for having the energy for it! Instead, I joined two regular clubs this school year, one for a security/technology and the other for information systems. The two other clubs I wished I could’ve taken a look at are the forensics and web development club except there was time conflicts :(.

I did meet a handful of people from my classes due to group projects. I’m glad that this time around, I didn’t have to carry most of the weight during group projects because people actually contributed for once- yaaaay. The most interesting people I met were from my web developing group; everyone came from different backgrounds and we made a pretty kickass website for a construction company. It was a miracle we finished the website with all of the chit chat we had.


This was my first time working while going to school at the same time. Surprisingly, it worked out to the point where I could manage going to work for extra hours toward the end of the quarter due to emergencies. Everything was going pretty smoothly for the first half of the quarter until the incident with our ERP happened. Thankfully, I was able to get to the bottom of the issue right before going into finals. I can’t go into detail because of legal matters but hey, this is my first “cyber tale” experienced first hand!

 Fall Things

At the beginning of September, I made a list of things to do this quarter and here’s the aftermath of it:

✓ 3.3+ GPA: I’m pretty optimistic about my GPA this quarter, but we’ll see what I end up with when the grades are submitted *o*.
✓ Clubs: I ended up joining two clubs as mentioned above, so I’m good for now!
✖ NCL Top 50%: I really wanted to participate in NCL this season except I ended up having last minute business to take care of so I had to miss out ◕︵◕.
✖ Onigiri: I actually forgot about making onigiri and ended up buying a couple from the store instead *o*.
✖ Mini Burgers: Same reason as above, I must’ve been really busy to forget about these things!
✓ Glass Cup/Bowl Goodies: I bought a glass bowl from IKEA at the beginning of the quarter and managed to eat Udon with it… Until I found the bowl cracked in the dish rack one day. Either way, still got to make the best out of its short life!
✓ Smoothie/juice in Mason Jar: I finally got to make some smoothie and use a mason jar for it! ☺☺
✓ Better Miso Soup: I also finally went out to buy a bucket of miso paste to make soup on demand ;).
✖ Pho: I didn’t have enough time to fully plan out how I’m going to make pho.. Maybe next quarter!
✖ Sushi Asahi: I still haven’t gone to Sushi Asahi (some glorified AYCE sushi place) yet! On the up side, my boyfriend and I went to eat at a local AYCE place nearby the other night.
✓ Jazz Cat: I went to eat at Jazz Cat Shabu three times so far! I think I got the need for Jazz Cat out of my system….
✖ Moodaepo: I almost went to a KBBQ place this quarter except my group wanted to go at a “ridiculous” time at night *o*.
✖ 12am In-N-Out Run: The latest I went to In-N-Out was at 9:30PM ;~;. Maybe it’s a good thing considering how I must’ve stayed up studying if I went to In-N-Out that late…
✓ Discover Hidden Gems: I think the hidden gem I found is the place that sell Uni Bowls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !
✖ Band Reunion: I actually chose to go to my club’s FragNite event (some gaming tournament) instead and discovered that I’m not as much as a gamer I used to be… Or I’m just not hardcore anymore (which can be a good thing because I finally have time to study).
Scrapbook Bits: I haven’t touched my scrapbook since putting it in the drawer in my apartment *o*. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon!
✓ Adventure Time: ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺.
✓ Seasonal Decoration: I decorated my room with Christmas lights last month and got a Christmas tree up last weekend ☺. Pictures to come eventually~

I only got half of the list completed but that’s okay; I did what I could with the given time. Eventually, I would like to make my own onigiri and pho at home- but that’s for another season.


Overall, this was a great quarter for me. This was my first term living away from home and it has been a pretty good experience for me so far. I adapted pretty easily moving out and I’m pretty diligent with my chores (or maybe I’m just OCD with getting my dishes out of the sink ASAP). Long story short; you don’t need to go to parties every weekend to enjoy college. Even the little things can make you enjoy college and try to make the best out of it ☺.

8 Responses

  1. Sara ☆ December 13, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    Cool recap and, that’s great that you got to do a bunch of stuff from your list. You need to write about the hidden gem spot that serves uni bowls! The boyfriend would go crazy! LOL.

  2. Cat ☆ December 14, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    Congrats on finishing the quarter! Sounds like it went really well for you, and I’m glad you were able to manage school and work at the same time 🙂 That sounds tough to do! I think I like ending my days earlier too, but the sleeping in part of night classes is nice. I’m definitely not a morning person and hated it anytime I had 8am classes, haha. That’s also great that you were able to join a couple clubs, and that your project members contributed this time around!

    That’s a long list, so I think finishing half is an accomplishment 🙂 Maybe you can aim for the rest next quarter!

  3. Tiff ☆ December 15, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Most of the items from Ikea aren’t dishwasher safe or microwave safe or say they are, but really aren’t. You have to look out for those. I broke an Ikea glass when I took it out of the dishwasher (still hot) & poured some cold water into it. Chemistry, folks! The intense temperature change will break the glass.

    Looks like you’re enjoying college & being away from home. It’s a nice change. Cooking in college will definitely save you tons of money, so bring out those skills! Pho is a very long long long process, so you’d definitely need a holiday break to even try to invest in making time to make it. If you’re making pho ga, it’s not that bad, but pho bo will take forever. Good luck with that!

    • Nancy ☆ December 21, 2014 at 9:16 pm

      I notice that most of the cheaper dinnerware are only handwash safe! I’m only guessing my glass bowl broke because of the weight of the other bowls on top when I left it on the dish rack to dry :(. My search for the replacement continues (until I get myself to an IKEA). I can imagine the looOOoooong process with having to extract the juices out of the meat if I want to do it without the powders. !!! Maybe I’ll get to it Spring break!

  4. Agent Q ☆ December 15, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    It’s cool how you can relate the concepts from your classes to your work experience. These concepts from operations management transcends all industries, so be sure to take all knowledge to heart. Everything will fall in place once you put your knowledge into practice. Keep up the good work!

  5. Tara ☆ December 17, 2014 at 1:16 am

    Girl, I’m so glad you survived this semester! You were certainly on top of things, and you’ve done a lot! Granted, you didn’t get through some things that were planned, but that’s a given (and it’s understandable!) due to your busy school/work schedule! I’m sure you did well with school, though, and your GPA will turn out to be good 😀

    And so true about the partying thing! Granted, my friends and I constantly went drinking on the weekend when I was in college, but it was just us at a bar and stuff, and it was never at loud parties where everyone got pissed drunk and stuff. True, I didn’t get to experience a real college life like sororities and frat parties, but what I did experience was what I preferred — intimate gathering amongst close friends!

  6. Alice B ☆ December 17, 2014 at 6:26 am

    you. like. math. no wonder you’re a genius! nancy’s secret is revealed voila!
    back in school, i enjoyed some chapters in math like calculus and algebra and bits of locus but now i’ve forgotten almost all of them. i think if i were to get back to doing calculus, i might fall in love with it again.

    i’d rather have afternoon classes nowadays tbh. i hate waking up early haha and i guess i prefer going home later than waking up early. also, research revealed that the brain does not function before 10 am so schools should have started later LOL
    good thing my monday class starts in the afternoon; i can always go to bed on sunday a little later bahahahaa how very nocturnal. i just wished tuesday-thursday schedules didn’t start early for me 🙁 sigh. i always go to campus with that face that says “please don’t touch or try to talk to me. my soul isn’t complete yet and i’m gonna scratch your face” and with drowsy eyes haha

    i’m not the friendliest person after waking up in the morning.

    you know, i’ve always had this suspicion on sorority. i probably watch too many shows that depict sorority in a…strange way; plus, the idea of sisterhood kind of scares me? lol i’m horrible. i don’t think there’s anything like that here and even if there is, i don’t think i will ever join. we do have groupies (like high school mean girls gang or something? LOL idk) though….groupies that act like btchz. i thought i wouldn’t see those in college life pfft i thought wrong. i had wished it stopped in high school -__-

    when you said SWIFT is a security club, i started imagining things like “nancy is part of some hackivist club now!! this is so cool!!” my apologies. i just have very weird brain and too wild of an imagination (read: i watch too many movies)

    omg you have forensics club!! i’d love to join that. in my uni, nobody really cares about clubs. yes we get funds and stuff but sometimes it’s not that easy either. the uni tend to be very difficult when it comes to funding. it’s like..they don’t wanna let these clubs to operate or something. my friend who’s the leader of an art club faced difficulties when she wanted a signature of approval to hold a halloween event in the campus 🙁 it really sucks, tbh. schools in this country don’t really care about clubs after all. all of them be like, “oh this is your club? okay fine, go do your own thing blablabla we don’t wanna know what you wanna do” so yeah :

    i’m so jealous you’re already working. i got offered as a full time employee too last time, as a web designer (and i was the boss of my department too) but then my parents said no and we got into a fight. they gave me all sorts of irrational asian reasoning pfft sucks because all the adults around me be like, “you can’t contribute to the family finance. all you can do is choose an expensive course in an expensive university and suck all the family’s finance” -___- geez.

    a 3.00+ GPA is my dream, lol. well, actually i was able to achieve more than 3.00 GPA if only i didn’t drop one of the classes i took. my last semester’s GPA was above 3.00 too but when calculated as average for the whole thing, i’m stuck with a fixed 3.00. haha it’s actually my own fault though 😛

    i never really said it but sometimes i like going to campus even though the wifi sucks there and my campus doesn’t live up to its motto of being a “world class university” pfft what a fraud :)) nonetheless, i still prefer waking up and going to college rather than going to school. gahd i hated school, i still do.

    • Nancy ☆ December 21, 2014 at 9:13 pm

      No way!!!! Math is like my number one public enemy! (another reason why I chose CIS instead of CS or CE- I just need calculus at the very most). I remembered those days when I had 7:30AM classes,…. how did I do that???!?

      I have a lot of suspicion on sororities and the whole society (but I won’t say anything here). You’re better off without it and be yourself! You define you, don’t let some society do it for you. Some people in SWIFT are in the hacking/security team for the school! I was about to join but got too lazy to go to Saturday try-outs ;~;. It’s always hard to start a club but once it gets going, it gets crazyyzyzyzy.

      I can’t believe your parents said no to a job! I can understand they want you to focus everything on studying but if you can manage both, it helps a lot. It shows future employers, “oh hey, this girl knows how to multitask!!” Or at least that’s how it is here. Just enjoy college for now while you still can and young! 😉

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