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Feelin’ 22
June 18, 2016

This past Tuesday, I turned 22 and had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy it at Disneyland / Disney California Adventures with Chynna along with Amanda (later on that day). Disney is always a magical experience for me and I don’t regret buying an annual pass! It was exciting to meet these two great bloggers in person (more details on my next post). Lately, I’ve seen more bloggers meeting up and it makes me happy to see us growing up and finally meeting each other in person while travelling~

Turning 22 hasn’t hit me yet… Then again, being a college grad hasn’t hit me either. For now, I’m still enjoying life as the usual.

Last year, I made a list of 21 things about myself. This year, I’m trying to change things up and bring in 22 random events in my life that I remembered and enjoyed while typing up this post. It goes to show, my memory can be pretty faulty and having a blog is a great memory jogger!

  1. Getting addicted to the jello and soft-serve ice cream in Vietnam when I was 9.
  2. Went cabin camping once as a kid and had fun sliding down a waterfall in jeans 😓.
  3. My first two cats came into the household when I was 10. Over the course of 12 years, ten more came and go (not all at once).
  4. Becoming obsessed with sushi since I was 13 (usernames had sushi in it) 🍣.
  5. Hopped on to my first official blogging sub-domain (on WordPress) when I was 14 and domain at 16.
  6. Struggling to learn how to play the clarinet at first- only to find out the clarinet was broken to begin with. Once I was given one that works, I can actually make a sound 🎵!
  7. Roadtrippin’ with the band’s leadership team to Lake Tahoe.
  8. Marching band season during my sophomore and senior year = legit.
  9. Got my driver’s license almost 5 years ago 🏎️!
  10. Marched in the Rose Parade (holla @ that 6.2-mile route) in 12th grade.
  11. When I was told that I played my bass clarinet louder than the three tubas in band.
  12. Spending the whole night going on roller coasters at Six Flags during GradNite.
  13. Hiking up to the university’s hill and stayed there past 1am ⛰.
  14. Got into a relationship with my boyfriend before starting college 💑.
  15. Cyber camp and competition shenanigans 👩🏻‍💻.
  16. Going to X Games 3 times; first with band, second with friends, and third with the boyfriend before the venue relocated to Austin 🚴.
  17. Getting accepted to a bunch of awesome universities and feeling redemption.
  18. Getting my first Coach goodie back in summer of 2014. Still deciding on when to buy my first Burberry / Louis Vuitton…
  19. Adventuring to Yosemite and San Francisco with my boyfriend during spring break ⛰️.
  20. Disneyland adventures 🎡.
  21. Freezing on the top of the Space Needle while having an awesome night view of Seattle 🗼.
  22. Graduating college with great honor 🎓.
Cheers  🍸🍸🍸~~

9 Responses

  1. Tara ☆ June 19, 2016 at 12:08 am

    Ahh! Happy belated Birthday! <3 I didn't know it was your birthday — for some reason I keep thinking yours is in the fall O_O

    Whoo hoo for meeting up with blogger friends! I am so jelly you got to meet both Chynna and Amanda 😀 I hope to meet them and you one day!

    I liked seeing your list of memorable events in your life! Things like you falling in love with sushi and soft serve ice cream made me smile :3

    And all your band adventures — yay! Your broken clarinet made me LOL so hard because when I was starting off with the alto saxophone, I was given a broken one, too! I could make notes, but I could not play the low notes! So I thought it was me all this time, but it wasn't XD Once I switched the saxophone, I had an easier time with it!

    I'm glad you threw in your recent events on this list — especially your graduation one! That definitely deserves a mention!

  2. Holly ☆ June 19, 2016 at 6:26 am

    Happy belated birthday! I think this list is a great idea. I often see people write lists of lessons learned, or so many things they want to do before they turn a certain age, but I really like this idea. 🙂

    I loved seeing the photos of you and Chynna on Instagram. It’s awesome that you guys got to meet up!

  3. Alice B ☆ June 19, 2016 at 7:35 am

    oh crap, I saw the announcement of your birthday on skype and i was about to say it on twitter because you’re not online on skype but i forgot! anyway, happy belated birthday! whoah~ you’re twenty-two woohooo~ *sings taylor swift’s 22 song* (it’s not like i’m a fan hahaha i just know that song)

    i always forgot you’re a year older than me and yet you’ve achieved quite a lot, academically speaking that is. you’re much more active and you’re college smart! whoa. i feel like a potato now.

    I’ve never been to disneyland before, even though I went to HK last year and i had the chance to. imo, the first disneyland experience I want is the one from Japan, alongside disneysea. Idk, it feels more authentic 😛 I’m so jealous of people who live in the States and can go to disneyland often. the amusement park in where i live sucks so yeah, nothing on par with disneyland of course.

    holy guacamole, you indeed have achieved lots. and a Coach goodie bag! whoah! i could never buy anything high end for myself. then again, i thought i don’t need them; i mean, brands like burberry have interesting products like once, i saw they had a nice coat but yeah… i wouldn’t waste crap ton on those since i see them as unnecessary. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s not cool for other people. we all have different wants and what we think as indulgence, right 😉

  4. Thao ☆ June 19, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Happy belated birthday! 22 is a such an exciting age! I’m so excited for you just thinking about it! 😀

    And yay for blogger meetups! That’s so awesome that you guys got to do it at Disneyland of all places! What a fun place to bond!

    And yay for a fellow clarinet player. I feel like I meet more bloggers who played clarinet than any other band instrument. Your story about the broken clarinet made me laugh though. That’s just too funny. I wish I could blame my clarinet for my inability to play high notes, but it was just me… XD

  5. Cat ☆ June 20, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    Happy (belated) birthday! I think that’s so awesome that you met up with both Chynna and Amanda. It seems like several people in the blogosphere have been meeting up lately, and that makes me happy 😀

    I had fun reading your 22 events! I think that’s a nifty idea to show memories in your life instead of random facts. I’m amazed you’ve had so many cats in your life, and that’s pretty funny how your first clarinet was broken, haha. Glad it was the instrument at fault there! I’m also glad that I’ve been around to read your blog for some of these events 😀

    Can’t wait to hear more about your day with Chynna and Amanda!

  6. Pauline ☆ June 21, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Happy belated birthday Nancy! We’re both June babies! *high-5*

    I saw Chynna’s pictures on Instagram and snapchats, I was so jealous! It looked like/sounded like you both had an amazing time. I know Chynna’s still bummed about being back 😉 I don’t blame her, Disneyland is amazing and there in Cali too, sunshine and everything! 😛 I love Disneyland, I wish I had one closer to me. I too would buy an annual pass 😉

    I love the 22 things you wrote – it’s such a great idea! You should keep doing this every year till yo like 99! 😀 And psst… get the bag. Just sayin’.

  7. Georgie ☆ June 25, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Happy birthday Nancy! You ARE AWESOME. MAD AWESOME, I tell you. You should be proud of everything you have achieved and all the changes that have occurred. Especially graduating. 🙂

    Sliding down a waterfall in jeans sounds terrifying indeed!

    My mum has a Louis Vuitton handbag. It cost more than my iPhone (!!!!!!). I am not a huge fan of designer brands, Burberry is nice though. I buy a lot of my stuff from Fossil, which isn’t really designer, but they tend to make quality products. (I heard they were better in the past though, hmm.)

    • Nancy ☆ June 25, 2016 at 6:16 pm

      Fossil is quality indeed! They are the ones who produce a lot of the designer brand watches like MK. (Basically, you’re paying more for a Fossil watch just to have the MK logo/styling on it) :D.

  8. Becca ☆ June 28, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Happy belated birthday Nancy!! yay 22!

    I loved seeing your picture on Instagram with Chynna and Amanda. I love seeing everyone meeting up together – I just wished I lived closer to everyone so I could do the same! 😛 Someday I’ll make it out to Cali though – and Disneyland will be on my list!

    Haha! I didn’t realize that you loved sushi for so long! What a great list of memories, and I hope that year 22 brings just as many good ones for you!

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