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September 14, 2013

Two weeks down and fourteen to go… Of school, that is. I counted school by the weeks so much that it became a habit; so don’t mind me :6.

School was pretty good for the most part this week. I am almost caught up with my coursework with Chemistry holding me back. I have to copy over 120 slides to my notebook this weekend. English and History is decent; I casually participated in the class discussions. On Wednesday evening before my C++ class, I attended a supplemental instruction workshop and got some clarification on coding. The key to success is to take things one step at a time :D. Since this was club rush week, I am in the process of joining that honors society I have been raving about for a while :D.

Cyber Goodies
I am halfway done with the labs for a cyber security activity/competition I’m participating in this season. So far, my favorite lab is the password cracking/wireless traffic analysis. I usually try to squeeze the labs between my classes to get something done. The first round of the competition starts next month~ On top of that, I signed up for another but smaller cyber security competition for the kicks. Although the topics are really basic, it’s still something worth trying out.

I’m helping my boyfriend with a few things since he’s moving out and all. With that, we did some shopping on Thursday along with setting up a couple of the furniture on Friday. I usually like assembling things together when it comes to furniture so this was nothing new to me. After all of that moving in, we went to this place called Green Crush and got some mixed fruit juice.. And then I went to Hollister and bought a scarf that is on sale. So far in the past 2 weeks, I bought 3 scarves for the upcoming winter 😀

I suppose that wraps up the week in a way. I have been lagging on returning comments, but it will happen sooner or later. Don’t mind me~

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4 Responses

  1. Chynna ☆ September 15, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Nancy! You’re always so busy 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while cause I’ve been super myself D:

    I hope school and that is going well – you sound like you’re having fun! What year are you in now? (I sound like an old auntie T_T)

    How exciting that your bf is moving out! So cute that you’re helping him out too. I wanna move out too but that probably won’t be for a while. The food looks delicious!

  2. Amy ☆ September 16, 2013 at 5:05 am

    I do the counting of the weeks too, it’s just nice to know when I’m going to get a break from it when there’s so much work to do. I think it makes you work harder if you know how much time’s left.

    Sounds like you’ve been very busy. I need to start buying winter clothes now, it’s getting so cold here already. Seems like it was only Summer last week.

    The food looks lovely, you’re making me hungry! Hope school continues to go well.

  3. Cat ☆ September 17, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    I’m glad school has been going well! 120 is a lot of slides to copy over though =O

    Sounds like you’ve been busy with both school and the cyber security competitions! That’s cool that you’re really into the cyber security stuff. Good luck with the competitions!

    Furniture shopping can be exciting, though I’m not a fan of putting them together, haha. I just want to start using it immediately XD

    Yummy food photos!

  4. Alice ☆ September 18, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Gurl, you’re always so active and busy *o* what a determination, what an energetic enthusiasm! (why am i talking like an oldie *facepalm*) i’m always in awe for people who are as active as you are. meanwhile, i’m always loafing around wanting to achieve something good but too lazy to go through the process. heh, hehe. i think my eyes lit up when you said you’re joining the honors society. i think my mother would fake-shower me with fake-“ohmygosh” if i partake in such stuff. pssh. she thinks i’m (for the lack of better word) like a hopeless shizz sometimes because i’m too lazy to socialize and whatnot 😛

    more competitions omg wow you honor student! lol but really, you’re amazing TT_TT i wonder why i can’t be as confident/active as other people…lol. my specialty is a clash between being sarcastic and being super lazy + shut in. and whuuutttt password cracking wwwwwoow like are you gonna learn some hacking because that’d be so cool haha

    see, programming students are all so cool ;w; i used to wanna do programming but too insecure that i might be a loser in the class 😛 i’m not good with maths too so (-___-);; not that i’m saying i’m good in art design too blah …i just don’t know what i’m good at 😛
    the other day i wanna participate in an english writing competition again (ahem,who knows i might get 1st place again ehe ehe) but yeah, i was told students from my uni can’t compete, afraid the judges will get biased since the competition’s held by my uni. wtf really =_=;;
    (made me sad because then i couldn’t show my parents that i’m worth something so they won’t think i’m of zero skill haha)

    last but not least, love the food pics! :3 totally digging on the first two because dessert *o* and clamssss <3
    wait, i haven't liked them on IG 😛 i should do that now.

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