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It’s May
May 1, 2013

It’s May already?! This means there are 5 weeks left in the semester for instruction plus an additional week for finals :D. Then after that, I could say I am finished with my first year of college!

Anything new since my last blog post? Nothing new happened that was life really changing. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I ate Pho and ice cream at his house. I also got to try out his high school band uniform for the fun of it, though I still prefer wearing my high school band uniform :P.

On my previous blog post, I mentioned something about doing an exam for Statistics. I thought I was going to bomb the exam and score in the 40’s, but it turns out that I scored a 73%. It is considered “high” compared to the class average of 58%. There’s not much I could do now besides score higher on the next exam, optional exam, and final. Speaking of which, I have a music test tomorrow morning about intervals and transposition. I should hopefully ace this if I am awake enough to figure everything out.

Anthropology 101 is keeping me busy this whole week with all of the assignments and studying to do for the next exam due on Monday. I pretty much spread the workload through the days within the week. It looks like I am finished with most of what I planned out beforehand which gives me more time for other things :D.

With May finally being here, Iron Man 3 is coming out on Theaters on Friday!!! Just 2 more days to go (or ~36 hours from the time I publish this blog post). I listened to the entire soundtrack yesterday and the London Philharmonic Orchestra did an outstanding job with the music they produced. It would be nice if I could see them live… Or play with the ensemble.

To finish off some blog posts, here are some Instagram pictures from the past week. Have a wonderful May~

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  1. Anna ☆ May 4, 2013 at 7:29 am

    You lead such a busy life! How do you have time for work and for school? It’s amazing. Have fun, and good luck on your tests~

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