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Second Year of College~
September 6, 2013

My second year of college officially started on Tuesday. Must I say, the first day went better than I expected. I thought I would have to drive around campus a few times to look for parking but found one within 30 seconds of entering the parking complex.. Then waited an hour in the library for my class to start. Luckily, I am enrolled in all of my classes without the waitlist so I wasn’t overly stressed out. My chemistry class had 60 people enrolled with over 30 on the waiting list and ~4 people got in ‘~’.

Like last semester, my Wednesday is a “full day” except I have a 7:30am class this time around. I was basically at school from 7:30am until 10:00pm that day. My instructors seem reasonable according to the syllabus and ratings. The only class that worries me a bit is the c++ programming class. I did not take the “prerequisite class” because I believe I have *enough* programming background to survive the course. Hopefully I will survive all of my courses and avoid stressing out the best I can.

After some thinking, I decided to drop my PE course. I thought I could fit in some exercising with my schedule but it seems like the fitness center is closed during my available hours. I rather not squeeze these hours in a *difficult* time slot and exercise at my own leisure.

Having Thursday and Friday off from school, I spent some time with my boyfriend. Even though we’re on a budget, we still make delicious meals. Target had a sale on tomato sauce and elbow pasta for a dollar each. At the end, we made a tasty 4-serving meal for $1. This is a proof to all: being on a budget works.

Today, we dropped by my high school to order a transcript then visited the band room. My band director was teaching AP Music Theory and everything seems familiar to the Music 101 class I took… Except we didn’t learn about modes. … And then played this song: Ylvis – The Fox. This morning, the video had ~2 million views. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the new trending thing. Afterwards, we made some pasta then headed out to the mall to try out this 6D simulation ride where you sit on a chair and it moves around like a roller coaster (or more specifically, the Star Tours attraction from Disneyland). I liked it and wouldn’t mind trying it out again. We got ourselves some Italian Cream Soda then checked out this new place my boyfriend is moving into. It was a nice way to spend time away from school (even though I just came back).

Hopefully next week will be just as good or better with school and everything~

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  1. Cat ☆ September 7, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    I’m glad your 2nd year is going well so far! Wow, Wednesday is a really long day for you, but that’s awesome to have both Thursday and Friday off.

    I feel like if you know one programming language well, it’s not that bad to learn another one. I learned C++ after Java, and I didn’t think it was that difficult to pick up 🙂

    Making your own food is definitely cheaper! I calculated making a nice steak dinner at home once, and it was like $10/person. We often buy pasta stuff to make at home since it’s easy and cheap.

    I hope school continues to go well!

  2. Stephanie ☆ September 8, 2013 at 10:04 am

    It’s so nice to have Friday off! I once had Monday and Friday off, and that was one sweet term for me!

    Depending on what programming experience you’ve had, you’ll probably be okay in your class on C. Of you’ve ever written in Java and have had to think about pointers, them you’ll be done for sure. My real guess is that if you’ve ever had to deal with data types before (you’ve programmed in more than PHP which will try to add 1 to “1” to get 2), you’ll probably be okay.

  3. Erin Nicole ☆ September 8, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    Looks like you are having fun even though school started! My school started the 26th of August. Ugh. It has been okay so far but I kind of wish I was actually going to school rather than online…but I will be able to in the fall. 🙂
    I can’t wait until I move out. SO EXCITED!

    So you have a 4 day weekend every week? Nice. I probably wouldn’t have scheduled all of my classes on the same day but then again, if you do 2 days worth of classes all day you can be off for the other 5 so I’m not 100% sure. That is a long two days but 2 long days are better than 5-7 long days. (7 with me and work *sigh*)

    Is the place where your boyfriend is moving into nice? How do you like it? What kind of amenities does it have?

    I remember star tours from Disney World. 🙂 That ride always gets me nauseous due to motion sickness…so many rides do though so I either take a Dramamine or deal with it. Mostly the latter ends up happening. Lol.

    At least you are taking classes that seem fairly easy to you. Of course there will be difficult parts but this math class is KILLING me. No seriously….I don’t understand how I made an 80% on the quiz. I don’t think I am going to do well on the first Proctored Exam. :/ Luckily I don’t have to stress and I can just use ProctorU.com for it. 😀 Which I still have to sign up for the exams… *does that now* lol

    I want to learn more about programming but I’m not sure that I have the motivation to. :/ I love computer stuff that is online…but not the actual device itself. I’ll leave that to other people. Lol

  4. Alice ☆ September 11, 2013 at 5:41 am

    I keep on forgetting that you’re younger than me! (oh wait.. you ARE younger than me,aren’t you? what’s your age? LOL) correct me if i’m wrong 😛
    how nice of you to drive to campus. i’m 18 and i still don’t have my license wtf. and i’m not allowed to drive on my own too.. *facepalm* soon,i’m gonna forget how to drive and all the driving lesson i had will go to waste tsk =w=;;

    uh,wow. chem class seems so popular. i remember chem being my favorite among the 3 core science subjects – physics and bio – in high school. i hate the other 2 with passion haha especially bio because all i wanted was just to dissect and to learn about animals, not plants or digestive system 😛

    i really need to memorize some stuff about the online people i met. you’re still in the programming major, aren’t you? is the chem just additional subject or something? ack, i forget stuff so easily.
    enlighten me again,please haha

    i do wish to have a day off from school but meh, i don’t think it’s possible. 3rd sem is starting soon and i will be busy with projects again. perks of being a design student is really stimulating the amount of my hair fall haha 8D

    anyways, good luck with school and everything~ i should probably bid luck for myself too lol

  5. Agent Q ☆ September 13, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Sounds like you’re in for an adventurous semester [one way or another]! Glad to see that you’re managing your time pretty well thus far. Keep it up!

    School started for me too, but the workload feels pretty light by comparison even though it’s grad school. Maybe it’s because my undergrad prepared me? Hopefully that’s the case. Are you hoping to get a masters/phd in the future? If so, I think your current workload should prep you well.

    Good luck! 🙂

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