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The Little Bytes III
March 28, 2017

It has been a while since I published a “Little Bytes” post. I thought this would be a great time for a short reflection on the smaller things I’m thankful for. Sometimes, things happen where I’m too busy, stressed, or tired to the point where I overlook the smaller things that actually make a difference. Stopping to reflect a bit can bring some light into the mood. ✨

Braces 😁

I got my braces taken off about a year ago. It took almost 3 years to correct my serious underbite and I am thankful for being able to go through the procedure. Going through some pain, brace face comments, and having food stuck between my braces is definitely worth getting nice teeth at the end.

Mother’s Breakfast 🍳

I was never the type to eat breakfast. I’m not a fan of bready food or dairy products so I would typically skip out. This is definitely not a good practice because I’m practically starving myself. My mother found out and started making food that I can eat during weekdays. I am thankful that she wanted to go out of her way even though I’m supposed to act like an independent adult.

Flexible Workplace 👩🏻‍💻

My work allows us to work anywhere we want when we’re working on a remote project (as long as internet access is available). I’m seeing more workplaces adopting this practice. I’ve been taking advantage of this perk more often lately and either work from home or a cafe. Productivity pretty much stays the same anywhere I work. However, I save about 3 hours during the day when I work from home.

Food 🍹🦐

Food = Happiness

Is there anything else needed in this formula? I enjoy food (and drinks) whether it’s something I’ve had many times before or it’s something new. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went out for something different than our typical Disney adventuring. He never had Dim Sum before and I had the pleasure of taking him to one. Everything looked delicious and we wanted to order everything on the menu. If you don’t watch what you order, the cost can add up really quick. We indulged ourselves in some dumplings, shu mai, jellyfish, roasted duck, jellyfish, and a variety of buns. My boyfriend surely enjoyed the place so this wouldn’t be our last time visiting. Oh, and this was supposedly the first time he heard me speak in Cantonese. I suppose that was a valuable experience for him.

P.S. Random drinks in cute bottles & drinks by the pier = 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

The Little Bytes
The Little Bytes
The Little Bytes

16 Responses

  1. Elisa ☆ March 29, 2017 at 2:12 am

    guuurl, i’ve been liking your blog post header a lot lately. they keep getting better 😉

    sobs, i don’t know when my braces will be off. i started them around may last year, i think? wait, or was it in 2015? i forgot. but anyway, i’ve currently advanced to the “stretching” phase (i don’t know what to call it…you know, when the dentist put this stronger rubber band called power chain to close the gaps? yeah, that phase.)
    i didn’t have a lot of pain of ulcers during my first few weeks though… i wonder if it’s because i’m wearing the ceramic one instead of the traditional metal braces. i refused to wear the traditional metal one since it’s way too obvious and i want clear, “invisible” braces instead (although i’ve stopped wearing clear ligatures because it stains too easily and opt for a more subtle one like silver or purple)

    i’ve been starving myself too but for a different reason. it’s messed up but heh, i don’t know… i’m doing it in silence and i know it’s bad but can’t help it.

    my boyfriend and i have gone for dim sum twice this month. the last time we had dim sum was 2 days ago, on monday. it was a lovely, affordable feast! ya know, you should have ordered soup dumpling (or as the chinese call it, xiao long bao) it’s the best dim sum menu ever! my bf and i think dim sum is no dim sum unless we have soup dumpling on the table haha
    (oh oh, i looooove salted egg yolk custard bun too. it just melts in your mouth! be sure to try that in dim sum – or find a dim sum that serves it lol)

  2. Eena ☆ March 29, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Hahaha, I read that so fast I thought you said that Disney had dim sum and I did a double take – I was like whaaaa. Ugh dim sum is my favorite thing ever. I think besides Filipino food, that’s one other thing I’m thankful for for being Asian, ha!

    Yay for getting your underbite corrected. I think when I had braces, I dealt with my overbite – it’s been 4 years since I had my second round of them and I haven’t been keeping up with my retainers 🙁

  3. Gillan ☆ March 31, 2017 at 4:22 am

    I’m in love with your post thumbnail! 💖
    I’m glad you had a positive experience with wearing braces and comments from other people didn’t bring you down! Back then, I was so afraid/conscious of wearing glasses and having braces at the same time that I never got braces. I regret making that decision because it’s harder to correct overbites when you’re an adult.
    You’re so lucky to have a mother who cooks you breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast too because I’m a late-sleeper and unfortunately, so is my mom 😂
    I love dim sum! It’s all I used to eat back in college lol. What are those drinks in the panda container? They’re so cute!

  4. Tara ☆ April 1, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Braces sound like it was something you had to put up with, but it gave you good results in the end 🙂 Sometimes you have to put up with some discomfort to achieve something!

    Yay for mum’s cooking! My mum cooks meals for me on a regular basis, and I am thankful for it. Skipping breakfast isn’t good 🙁 It’s definitely better to eat something at the start of the day!

    I wish I had the option of working from home. I would be saving about three hours each day, too! I would also like to work out of a coffee house, especially if the shops my favourite!

    I was surprised to read that Adan hadn’t had dim sum before, so yay for treating him to it! Those dim sums look delicious XD Treat me to some if I ever come to LA, ahaha XD

  5. Claudine ☆ April 1, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Ooooh, congrats on finally getting your braces removed! I’ve had braces too and I know exactly how you feel! Getting braces was really uncomfortable for me and I had to have my wisdom teeth removed before I could get them, so much pain went into fixing my teeth but when you see the results, it’s worth it right? 😀 But now I really hate wearing retainers, I kind of wish I was wearing braces again. Lol!

    I can’t live without breakfast and it’s so nice of your mom to make breakfast for you! Now I miss my mom’s cooking 🙁

  6. Brandy ☆ April 1, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    I had braces for about 4 years. It was worth it. From the moment they told me that I could discontinue use of my retainer, my teeth shifted back. SMH. Though, not as bad as they were, my bottom teeth are crooked again.

    I go through phases where I love breakfast, but other days where I’m not hungry enough to eat in the morning. Other times, I just forget, and I regret it because I’m starving by late afternoon. My appetite has always been up and down.

  7. Pauline ☆ April 1, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    The header is looking fiiiiineeee 👌🏻 Great job!

    I love this blog series, I’ve been practising gratitude and gratefulness everyday with a little diary I have where I write down 3 things that make me happy and this really does keep my mind in that positive mindset 😀

    Unpopular opinion but I always really liked the look of braces haha. It’s strange because I’ve never needed them but I always like them on other people, they looked really cool IMO. But after hearing the pain associated with them maybe not so much but it really is worth it 🙂

    Never skip breakfast, Nancy! Most important meal of the day! I’m glad that your mom has been kind enough to do this for you <3 She sounds awesome!

    Your workplace never fails to impress me haha. Talk about goals! Flexible workplaces are what I thrive for – I can't stay in the same place all the time otherwise I'll get super bored fast.

    I always enjoy reading about you and your boyfriend's food adventures! Food = Happiness. Always. 😂

  8. Kya ☆ April 2, 2017 at 12:05 am

    So good that your teeth are now where you want them to be. It would have been hard going through braces and comments (eh), but now you have great teeth! 😀

    Aww, your mother. <3

    I think it's brilliant that you are able to work where you want to on those projects. It would make things a lot easier. 😀 I am sure that this will start happening a lot more!

  9. Teesh ☆ April 2, 2017 at 12:40 am

    I love working from home too. I live in a country where the traffic is just HORRIBLE. When there’s no traffic, I can get to the office in an hour. With the usual traffic, I spend 3 hours one way, 6 hours in total. The time it takes to prepare for work (taking a bath, putting on makeup, queueing for the bus, etc) is another hour and I just waste so much time having to go to the office. Fortunately, my current workplace lets us work remotely depending on the project we are in. I’m working on a US project, so I work the night shift which takes a lot of adjustment but at least I only have to go to the office once a week (or not at all, but they deactivate your badge when you haven’t used it for a number of days) and work four days!

  10. Chynna ☆ April 2, 2017 at 2:57 am

    Oh man, I remember when I had braces. It was the longest year of my life and as a foodie, SO hard! Yay for nice teeth, though 😀 I used to have to wear a head brace too because my top teeth were protuding, so had to be pulled back. I was notoriously bad for not wearing my retainer after, though. 😭

    Your mum is sweet! People always used to tell me “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and I would just be like “Yeah, whatevaaa” but now I can’t go without breakfast!

    My workplaces offers this too! But it’s more like you either work at home OR you come in. I wouldn’t want to work at home with the job I do but it was for something creative, etc. I would definitely be down.

    I love Dim Sum! I remember my uncle getting really excited ordering the chicken feet. Shu mai is my absolute favourite.

    Love the photos!

  11. Cassidy ☆ April 2, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    You’re so lucky that your mom has taken the liberty to make you breakfast. I wish I had my mom to me breakfast in the morning because it’s so hard to get decent food as a college student.

    That’s so nice that you have the flexibility of working from home. I know the traffic gets crazy in the Los Angeles area so that’s nice that you don’t always have to deal with it. Hopefully my job will offer something similar because the D.C. area traffic is terrible too.

  12. Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's ☆ April 2, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I got braces in middle school and got them off in high school. Then I got permanent retainers, but they weren’t very permanent, and then I was irresponsible and didn’t go to the dentist to get my retainers fixed/get new retainers, so all that brace-wearing was for naught! I should probably get invisalign or something… // Parents always make sure we eat well <3 Breakfast is my favourite meal! Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy, I'll cook breakfast for lunch, or even dinner 😛 // food = happiness, amen! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  13. Amy ☆ April 3, 2017 at 4:27 am

    I was supposed to get braces years ago, but they were way too expensive. Luckily, it was only to sort out a couple of my back teeth, so it’s nothing major!

    It must be great to work from home when you want to. I spend three hours a day travelling to and from work, so it’d be a timesaver for me too. I’d really miss the people though! I like being in the office!

    It’s great that you went somewhere different for food. It’s always nice to have a change now and then. Me and Andy like to try new places every so often, because it’s a lot of fun. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  14. Cat ☆ April 5, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    Braces were a pain, but I felt they were worth it too! When I was younger, I used to skip breakfast all the time (which is why I enjoy breakfast foods during other meals), but now I have breakfast every day. That’s sweet of your mom to make you food for breakfast!

    Flexible workplaces are great, and that’s good that you’re productive no matter where you work. I’m not very productive at home, so I prefer to come into the office, but it’s nice to know that working remotely is an option. We also have flexible schedules, so I can take time off during the day if I have an appointment or something.

    Yum, dim sum is like a comfort food to me! I used to go every weekend when I lived in NY, so when I go now, I still order the foods I liked as a child. My husband isn’t the biggest fan, but he’ll still go with me, haha. My favorite are the dumplings and buns!

    Those panda bottles are so cute!

  15. Georgie ☆ April 9, 2017 at 4:47 am

    Big grins! 😄 I had a bit of an exaggerated overbite, but I can imagine if you had an underbite that would have been extremely painful to fix. It’s definitely worth it for the amazing teeth 💖

    I used to skip breakfast all the time, and recently I toyed with intermittent fasting so I only ate between 1-8pm because it was easier to skip breakfast than other meals. But I have gone back to eating breakfast in the mornings. I eat eggs and vegetables most of the time, since I also don’t do well with breads or cereals. 😦

    You’re very lucky that your workplace is so flexible with working hours. I love it! My workplace is too, but sometimes (team dependent), we may need to be physically in-office. I am glad I love my team, because it’s a joy to work with them and I don’t mind working from the office. I can’t wait to move closer to work though, because the commute is about as long as yours, 1.5 hours each way. 😦

    I think it’s fantastic that your productivity doesn’t change depending on your location. I think I need a bit more practice before I can get used to working in a cafe. Even with headphones on, it can be a little hard to concentrate. I went to a cafe last week and hoped there would be wifi as was advertised, but unfortunately not, so I had to suck up my phone data and use it wisely, so my time felt a little unproductive.

    I’m glad your boyfriend got to try Dim Sum. 🙂 It reminds me a bit of yum cha? Nevertheless, I can understand how the costs of something can add up pretty quick when there are a number of smaller, different dishes to choose from.

  16. Linda ☆ April 18, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Dim sum is the best!

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