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This Week’s Roundup V
October 2, 2016

September marked a new chapter in my career. I’m expecting a lot of change and development to happen in the next few months. This involves finding the equilibrium of my work/life balance (salary life woes), comfort in dressing business casual/professional (goodbye summer dresses), and knowledge in how to perform my job effectively.


My new job has been great so far. I’m learning a lot of technical things one day at a time and I’m taking the information in pretty well. So far, I conducted a telephone social engineering test where I pretend to be a staff on the IT Helpdesk and try to fool the client’s employees into downloading a malware on their computer (with some success). I am currently auditing a company’s network security and all of this is a great learning experience. I can’t wait to get my hands into some penetration testing! Information security is fun~

I went to two company dinners so far and it has been a great experience networking with my coworkers. The first dinner was at a Japanese grill and second at a Chinese seafood restaurant. Both involved delicious food I didn’t need to pay for (holla at the $100 lobsters) 😹.


Car Hunting

I’ve been hunting for the right car for a loooong time. With a job that gives a pretty good income, I’m ready to jump into a new car soon. My work scheduled me for some out-of-state traveling in the next few weeks so I’m hoping I will be local afterward. More details to come when this actually happens.


  • Bought a Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens for my DSLR.
  • Started going back to the gym since coming back from Illinois.
  • Boyfriend gave me a handful of cute Pandora charms.
  • Boyfriend bought me a Mickey’s Fun Wheel Earth Metal kit.
  • Bought an iPhone 7 in silver/128GB.
  • Took a step further into adulthood by buying my own medical + dental insurance.

12 Responses

  1. Tara ☆ October 3, 2016 at 2:33 am

    Woot! Welcome to the adult world of . . . well, being a salary woman! XD It is hard trying to balance work and life! Even harder when you have to factor in marriage, kids, other family obligations, and even school for those who are doing that! I think it is hard trying to find that balance in the beginning, but eventually, you’ll find a good approach to it all. I think you’re doing pretty so far, Nancy :3

    And yay for . . . medical insurance? I swear, I’ve had mine for several years now, and I still don’t understand it X_X It’s just overly convoluted for me, and all of it just go over my head. Still, it’s good to have those, especially if you develop some health issues that can cost moola X_X

    Love your Disney photos! You’re definitely putting that pass into good usage. 😀 And yay for free food with your company dinner! Especially that lobster!

    Hope you’ll get your new car soon! I can’t wait to see what you choose! ^_^

  2. Sydney ☆ October 3, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Congrats on the new job! And yay salary~ I’ve never had one personally (boo), but from what I’ve heard they’re pretty nice. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you got to experience such awesome company-funded dinners ?

    Okay, but I’ve been jealous forever that you live so close to Disneyland! I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Eek, good luck on the car! Shopping for a car is probably my least favorite thing to do because ugh, salesmen. But hopefully it isn’t a massively painful process. Personally, I wish I didn’t have to have a car but Las Vegas makes it practically impossible to get anywhere without one. ? *pets my gas-guzzling SUV reluctantly*

    Your adulting skillz are impressive and I commend you on getting your own medical and dental insurance. I’m not quite there yet, but boy oh boy am I not excited about it.

  3. Elisa ☆ October 4, 2016 at 5:39 am

    dude, your life is filled with [turns on that ridiculous Work song by rihanna and drake] “work work work work work” and it makes me kinda peanut butter and jelly xD

    for some reason, i picture you as this hardworking, rich young girl who’s not only productive but also get to go to disneyland anytime you want. I ENVY YOU OKAY (and no, i didn’t mean that as to say you’re spoiled. don’t take it the wrong way, pls)

    wow, everyone is so hyped about the new iphone, eh. as always *clapclap* i read articles where the iphone 7 overheats and explodes though, just like the samsung S7 ^^;; take good care of yours.

    I ENVY YOU PART 3 goes to your new camera lens. 35mm f/1.8 is my dream lens! but the carl zeiss / sony one is so dang expensive. hella crazy, i’m not gonna buy that 😛

  4. Claudine ☆ October 5, 2016 at 12:44 am

    Your work sounds fun! And you do telephone social engineering tests? I’m so curious how you do it because I hear a lot about those things from my previous company, and I know some people who have encountered those kinds of scenarios. But instead of installing malware, social engineering incidents in our office usually involve getting client information.

    Ooooh, you bought a new iPhone! Is the new iPhone good? I’m not intending on buying it since my old iPhone 6 works perfectly fine, but I’d love to know what the new iPhone is like 😉

  5. Cristina ☆ October 5, 2016 at 4:04 am

    Seems like september was an amazing moth for you. I am glad that everything works good at your nee job, also congrats on buying a new car.

    It’s amazing that you’ve got insurance because health is very important.

    Thos pandora charms are amazing.

    I hope Octomber will be another amazing month for you <3

  6. Chynna ☆ October 5, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    I’m glad to hear your work is going great! Your snapchats look so lit – those work trips are dope~ It’s awesome when you get to learn new things and it’s even more awesome when you love what you do for your job, as well.

    Serving cuteness with those Minnie Mouse ears! You and Adan are the cutest 🙂

    Oooh, looking forward to seeing what car you’ll be getting.

    The thought of an 128GB iPhone turns me on. (LOL. TMI. SOZ)

    Congrats to you for getting med + dental insurance – you a grown woman! We have free healthcare over here, which isn’t really free because you really pay for it through your taxes, but eh. It’s pretty good. You can get private healthcare though, and I’ve heard that’s better but I don’t the salary for that yet.

  7. Cat ☆ October 5, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    I’m glad your job has been going well! That’s great that you’ve been learning a lot and am getting a lot of good experience 🙂 Company dinners are always awesome too. Yay for free food!

    You guys look so cute and happy at Disneyland! The Pandora charms and metal ferris wheel are pretty. Your boyfriend is so sweet to get you things like that 😀

    Good choice on the 35mm lens, by the way. A 35mm prime was my favorite when I was using a cropped sensor DSLR! I felt it was a very comfortable focal length. I still use it once in a while on my full frame, but I use a 50mm more now (it’s almost the equivalent of a 35mm on crop).

    I’m thinking about buying the same iPhone 7! Also, good luck on buying a new car! Can’t wait to hear what you get 🙂

  8. Rezina ☆ October 6, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    That’s awesome that you’re enjoying your job! It does sound like information security would be fun. Congrats on also taking that step into the adult life by purchasing your own medical & dental insurance! Insurance stresses me out (personally) but it’s great to get that part of “adulthood” over with.

    And the Mickey’s Fun Wheel Earth Metal kit looks really cool! I’ve not purchased a metal kit before but have purchases paper kits that I’ve found fun to do also.

    Excited to hear more about the car hunting!!

  9. Lucy ☆ October 8, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Congratulations on the new job – I hope it all works out for you. It sounds interesting from what you’ve said ther. And your Disney pictures are so cute! 🙂

  10. Pauline ☆ October 9, 2016 at 1:32 am

    I always enjoy reading your weekly posts Nancy! I’m so happy to hear that youre settling in well at work, that all sounds super cool and technical – I know youre super estatic about working in information security so GO GIRL! YOU SLAY ??

    It’s not a Nancy blog post without Disneyland is it? 😉 Haha, I love your pictures as always! Those ears look SO adorable – I still have mine from Paris!

    EEEk! Can’t wait to see what car you invest in – I expect a blog dedicated to its beauty soon 😉

    YASSSSS JOIN THE GYM CREW! ? I’m so glad youre getting back into it, it’s such a great feeling being active ? ah well done in stepping into adult hood – I felt like a real adult when I paid for my dentist appointment; theyre usually free here in the UK (well until you reach a certain age and theyre like okay time to have your shit together and give us dolla) ?

  11. Becca ☆ October 9, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Ha! I was just thinking how fun it would be to try and get the employee to download malware on their computer! Your job sounds really interesting so I’m glad everything is going well so far!

    I’m excited to see what car you will end up with! I’m imagining you in something fancy just based on all your posts about cars XD

    I guess welcome to adulthood! Haha, I’m thankful my parents are letting me stay on their health insurance so I don’t have to pay for my own for a while. Adulting is expensive! 😛

  12. Georgie ☆ October 15, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    You get spoiled so good by your boy! 🙂 And it sounds like work has been off to a fantastic start as well. Gotta love those team lunches and dinners that are paid for. Team bonding is so important and it’s great to hear that your company is supportive of you all being able to connect.

    It’s also great to hear that you are in the running for buying a new car, too. Cars are so pricey and if you need a car, you definitely want to be in a good financial state too.

    I bought my own medical insurance about five months ago too! It was kind of scary at first because I didn’t know anything about how it works… but it’s something I’m going to have to face as I grow up and move away from my parents. Kudos to you for doing that 🙂

    Great to hear you are going back to the gym! ?

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