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Wrapping Up College
June 7, 2016

Nancy, this is your nth post about your college experience….
Okaaaaay, this plus one more and I’ll be done………

These past four years flew by pretty quick and I enjoyed it for the most part. I came into college knowing that I wanted to pursue a path into the cyber security field. This gave me the advantage of being able to coordinate and plan out my courses over the terms. To this day, I am still passionate about the field and never had the real urge to change my major. I literally started from the bottom and now I’m here, about to be a college graduate four years later.

As far as classes go, I had my share of easy, moderate, and hard classes. I’ve worked hard for all of my grades, whether it’s the A’s, B’s, or the 3 C’s. It goes to show that finance and philosophy aren’t my forte. If you were to ask me what my hardest class was, I wouldn’t be able to give a single answer. There were times when I had to gamble my way through the waiting list. I am thankful for being able to enroll into all of my classes (bless you, professors). Laziness and the expectation of handouts didn’t get me through college. Hard work and dedication did.

I’ve commuted for the first 2 years and lived at school for the last 2. I enjoy living at school and be independent. It’s fun to decide what I’m going to eat, where I’m going, and what I’ll do. Chores were bearable because I’m not a messy person to begin with. Balancing between work, outings, and school was pretty simple. Utilizing a planner definitely helped me with laying out my schedule.


My primary extracurricular activities involved strengthening my core skills. I’ve joined an honor society, secure technology, digital forensics, and information systems club. I also participated in various cyber security and information technology competitions. My personal favorites are the capture the flag’s where we have to solve cyber puzzles. I’ve placed in several of them as an individual and team player. Some of these competitions allowed me the opportunity to travel out to places such as San Jose and Microsoft in Seattle.

In high school, I was a huge band geek. I was rocking my clarinet (along with bass clarinet and trumpet during my senior year). As much as I wanted to continue music in college, expanding my knowledge in the security field was more important (to me). I also wanted to rush for a sorority but didn’t have a chance to. At the end, I realized that I would’ve been too busy for either (aka. I didn’t want to drop any of my other priorities). That’s fine with me!


During the summer between my 2nd and 3rd year, I was fortunate to be hired as an IT Assistant. To this day, I’m still wondering who I’m assisting because I’m the only one in the department. Thanks to this opportunity, I gained the knowledge and experience in a business perspective. This is a great stepping stone into the workforce!

Earlier this school year, I became a teacher’s assistant at school where I helped two professors grade assignment and tutor the class with their excel/access projects. These two jobs kept me at a hustle. Hurray for extra money in the bank!


My boyfriend and I started dating right before I started college. He was there for me throughout my entire college experience ♥. I am thankful for everything he has done for me because it really motivated me to do my best. We had countless adventures together and I’m looking forward to what’s in stored for us in the future. It’s pretty cool that we’re graduating at the same time (major congrats to him for earning his engineering degree~)!

I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement throughout these four years. This include my parents, boyfriend, friends (school/work/blog/life), coworkers, department chair, professors, and everyone else!

9 Responses

  1. Tara ☆ June 8, 2016 at 2:31 am

    Awww! This is a lovely post, Nancy! I’m so glad you shared your reflections. Indeed, hard work and dedication has brought you far, and I’m proud of you for giving it all instead of choosing to slack off and receive handouts. Your grades are great, though, and while it’s not straight As, you still did the best and came out with better than average GPA from what I can see.

    Kudos to you for maintaining your academics with extracurriculars and with work. I really admire those who do both because that shows determination and the ability to take on a bunch of tasks. Yes, it’s not easy balancing all that with school, and there are days where you’re so busy to where you wonder why you got into this situation, but it all pays out in the end. In order to get somewhere, sacrifices have to be made and we have to just figure out our priorities. You did all that. You had a goal in mind, and you stuck to it. Unlike you, I kind of had no clue what I wanted to major in college, and I know of people who couldn’t make up their mind, but not you. You knew what you wanted, and you went for it.

    Congratulations on your commencement, my dear friend. You’re wrapping up this chapter of your life like a boss, and I know you will face the next chapter and tackle any challenges you will come upon.

    • Nancy ☆ June 19, 2016 at 1:19 pm

      Even though I regret some of the grades I got and wish I tried harder, I am content with the outcome :). Thank you for your support throughout these four years! You’ve been an awesome friend ♥

  2. Pauline ☆ June 8, 2016 at 9:02 am

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVE your posts about college and your experiences, it always without fail motivates me to hustle, to work hard and stay focused on what I want. So thank you for sharing them! <3

    This post is so sweet Nancy, I am so excited for you to graduate after 4 years, that's a huge milestone and you've grown up to be the best you can ever be! I feel like a proud sister following you on every win you've had from competitions and other achievements!

    I just realised how we are so similar – my boyfriend and I started dating before university and he's been in every experience I've had, i feel fortunate having someone there for me when I'm so close to breaking down from stress and difficulties of university!

    Well done Nancy, so proud of you! You're serious #goals <3

    • Nancy ☆ June 19, 2016 at 1:12 pm

      Thank you, Pauline ♥♥~ Stay hustlin’ and humble! It’ll bring you success in great ways others will be proud of as well :D. I’m sure by the time you are finished with college, you’ll surpass where I left off ;).

  3. Alice B ☆ June 9, 2016 at 9:44 am

    boy, Nancy…you’re such an active person. unlike you, i’ve always been a behind the screen, silent observer kind of person ever since i was in school. i hate joining events and i’d rather stay invisible rather than make a name for myself. in college though, the first few semesters were basically me going to classes and then going straight home but now that i’ve got friends to hang out with (and surprisingly, a boyfriend along the way which is really really out of plan), i start going home later and stay in campus longer. it’s not like i regret it but yea, the changes quite surprise me. i’m still an introvert who doesn’t join events though — still that silent observer in the group.

    you’re honestly a great student. you balanced all the extracurricular activities and managed to get good grades. I’m so jealous of you! and the fact that you have your bf for a long time is a nice thing too 🙂
    I never thought about meeting someone special and having a relationship status. but it happened and it happened good 😀

    congrats for wrapping up the chapter! I’m currently doing my thesis and fingers crossed; I hope it ends well for me too 🙂

    • Nancy ☆ June 19, 2016 at 1:07 pm

      There were some events I didn’t bother joining that I wished I did. @___@… My excuse is that I was burnt out with the things I was already taking part of. It’s fine to be a silent observer, you can also learn that way as well :). Good that you met a special person and happy with who you have. I wish you both the best ^__^~~~

  4. Cat ☆ June 12, 2016 at 11:03 am

    I think that’s great that you knew what you wanted to do in college and are still passionate about it 🙂 It can be hard to figure out what we want in life, so go you for having that down! I also moved away from home during college, and I loved the independence. It definitely prepared me for later on too.

    I’m still amazed that you balanced school, work, club activities, and competitions. That is a lot, and you had so many great experiences! It’s been fun hearing about all of them on your blog 🙂 That’s too bad you had to drop clarinet in college, but maybe you’ll have time for it now that school is done. Sometimes there are too many things, and you have to prioritize. I did the same thing with violin in college. One of these days, I’d like to pick it up again!

    I think that’s sweet that you’ve been with your boyfriend before college and are still going strong! Congrats to both of you on graduating!

    • Nancy ☆ June 19, 2016 at 1:09 pm

      The thing I like about moving away for college is the bridge between completely dependent to completely independent. I’ll definitely have time now; but not sure how long it’ll take for me to get my skills up to par. Hope you’ll pick up your violin some day in the near future!

  5. Thao ☆ June 20, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Hey college graduation is a huge milestone and you conquered college so well, you’re allowed to write your heart out about it! I’m sure this post will help some graduating senior entering college one day, or maybe a struggling college freshmen.

    Once again, congratulations!

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